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Whether or not you’re physically active, mobility affects each of us. Being immobile limits our ability to move freely throughout the day.  While experiencing pain when we move can severely impact our quality of life; staying physically active and focusing on mobility workouts can help you maintain many of our favorite physical activities as we age.

Mobility training is a combination of exercises designed to increase muscle fiber length, strength, and range of motion through the joints, all of which contribute to greater stability and balance throughout the body.

Regularly doing functional mobility training is an essential part of any daily routine. Anyone with a daily routine, whether working a desk job, gaming, lifting weights or going for hikes, should do a combination of strength and mobility training. Both are essential for flexibility and keeping the body free of aches and pains

The benefits of mobility training can be even more impactful in our daily activities as improving range of motion (ROM) can significantly affect form and posture, especially with exercises like squats requiring a deep hip hinge and a lengthening through the hamstring muscles.


Increased mobility can decrease our risk of injury and prevent muscle imbalance, allowing us to enjoy the things we enjoy practicing daily for years to come. 




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