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How to Begin a Stretching Program

Once you've learned about all of the benefits of stretching, you may be eager to start your own stretching plan, but there are some things you should do first.

  • Talk to your doctor—long before you start any new exercise program, ask your doctor about it. Not only will your physician have good general advice about stretching, but because they have knowledge about your health issues, they can also provide personalized recommendations about any exercises.

  • Consult a physical therapist—your physician can provide important information about what to avoid and what to prioritize in your stretching, but they don’t go into details. You can usually find much more information about what stretches to employ, how many you should perform, and how often you should do so from a physical therapist.

  • Set reasonable goals—as you talk to your health care team, ask about what your goals should be. Stretching has many physical and emotional benefits, but you don’t have to become a contortionist to derive the most important ones like improved flexibility and strength.

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