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Should You Exercise When Hungover?

UESCA-certified running, endurance nutrition, and triathlon coach Amber Sayer input is that it really comes down to using your best judgment based on how you feel, and whether you think you can minimize the risks to ensure your workout will be safe.

If you are going to exercise hungover, make sure you’ve hydrated as much as possible, including electrolytes in your rehydration fluids. Most importantly; choose a type of exercise that you can perform safely.

For example, a stationary exercise bike is safer than an outdoor bike because your risk of falling is much less and you won’t be out in traffic where a poor decision or a lack of concentration can get you severely injured.

Avoid exercises like hot yoga or a very vigorous spin class because excessive sweating will increase the risk of dehydration; which can make a headache worse.

Benefits of doing exercise when hungover include decreasing stress, increasing circulation, reducing stiffness or tightness in joints and muscles, burning calories from all those drinks you enjoyed, and boosting your mood.

Overall, If you’re feeling clumsy, you should definitely skip your workout when hungover, instill your best judgement.

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