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The Basics of Stretching

Whenever you start your stretching regimen, it is important to make sure to take things easy at first. In general, stretching should only involve a gentle tension on your body. If a stretch begins to cause you pain, then you should stop immediately.

You should also apply pressure only for 20 or 30 seconds at a time. Avoid any jerky movements and should never bounce as that may cause injury. It is also important that you maintain good form while stretching. This includes breathing regularly while performing the exercise, as well as maintaining your balance.

If you have difficulty maintaining balance, then ask someone to help you or modify the exercise so that you are lying down. Also avoid any exercises that involve twisting and unnatural positions.

Include as many different kinds of stretches as possible. This will enable you to symmetrically limber up all muscle groups, as well as give you a full-body workout and You will find that your muscles will feel better after stretching,

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