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Mobility training is a combination of movements and stretches designed to increase the range of motion throughout our joints while keeping muscle fibers long and loose. Including mobility exercises in our daily routine can help prevent muscle imbalances and reduce the likelihood of an injury. 

The benefits of mobility training:

  • Promotes good posture

  • Helps prevent knots and injuries

  • Relieves tension associated with sedentary lifestyles or over-exercising

  • Improves functional day to day performance

  • Increases range of movement, helping us stay active and healthy longer in life

  • Reduces joint deterioration

  • Prevents aches and pains

  • Helps build stronger, more adaptive muscles and joints

Recovery improves blood circulation that helps with the removal of waste products from muscle breakdown that build up as a result of our day to day life. Recovery allows for fresh blood that bring nutrients to help repair and rebuild the muscles. Recovery is most beneficial when people go at their own pace.

The benefits of an active recovery:

  • Reduces lactic acid buildup in the muscles

  • Increases blood flow to muscle tissue

  • Removes metabolic waste from muscles

  • Reduces muscle tears and pain



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